New to Medicare? No Problem.

I can help you understand your rights and options with Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans.

Hi, my name is Glen Kavanagh. I help Seniors with Medicare.    
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Medicare 101

Google Reviews

(Testimonials from real clients )

“Glen Kavanagh has been extremely helpful in providing information to navigate in unknown complicated territory of signing up for Medicare. He is courteous and knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly! Thank you so much Glen!  It has been a pleasure working with you!”

Julie D.

“Great team.  Honest, professional and selflessly helpful.  They are full of good advice”

Steve M.

“Glen seems to know the ins and outs of medicare. He’s easy to talk to and helpful.”

Don H

“Glen was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was extremely easy to work with, not pushy at all.”

Becky H

“It was refreshing to be able to discuss Medicare options without high pressure or being pushed in a particular direction. I was able to outline the type of coverage I thought I needed and felt comfortable that I had made the right choice.”

George C

Alignable Reviews

(Also real clients )

“Medicare friend has been a great help in getting me started with Medicare and understanding the different areas. “

Jerry E.

“Glen is the best for shopping around to find the best policy for his clients needs. I highly recommend reaching out to him.”

Mike G

“Glen is top notch in working with his clients to provide custom solutions by matching the best companies and programs to their individual needs. “

Lane P.

“When I moved from Florida to Middle Tennessee, Glen was there to answer all my questions regarding Medicare Supplements. Extremely knowledgeable and very quick to respond. I highly recommend Glen!”

Pete D.