Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost?

We’re glad you asked! You could go directly to the insurance company and deal with another sloppy call center, or you can use our personalized, FREE service! Working with us never costs you a penny‚Ķ not on the back end either. Never means never.

Why do I need Medicare Friend?

We know your local market and we are UNBIASED. We simply show you all of your Medicare Supplemental options, answer any questions you have and allow you to choose for yourself which plan you decide is best for you. We know the drill- the right plan for you depends on your budget, and is always going to be the one that gets you the BEST coverage for the LEAST amount of money. Our guarantee is to help you find it.

How do I sign up for a Plan?

Electronic Applications are the new industry standard. Every big name insurance company has already adapted to this and has their own secure website. We have access to their agent portals, where we can transact applications that are kept very safe- much safer than the old means of paper/mail/etc. Come on people, save a tree!

Are you licensed?

Of course. Proof of our license in your state is available upon request.