About Medicare Friend

Medicare Friend’s free brokering service for new Medicare enrollees just hit the 1,000 client mark in 2019. We’re licensed and appointed in 15 states across the country and ever-expanding as we obtain referrals. The high demand for this type of service continues to grow at a faster than ever pace.

What drives us?

Hearing the kind words of appreciation from a widow who we just helped save $750 a year so she can breathe a little easier is the best!

Most of the seniors we take care of are on tight budgets and fixed incomes. Choosing the right supplement plan when new to Medicare can save you from a world of health and/or financial turmoil.

There are so many out there who want free Medicare help, but don’t know where to find it. Our skills allow us to bridge that gap and help people for free, which has been extremely rewarding.

Healthy Senior Adults

What brought us here?

Sweet seniors are looking for true advocates, or somebody who could show them all of their Medicare options for free.

We found that Medicare does not have the resources, nor the manpower to show folks their specific options nearly as thoroughly as we can.

Once the insurance industry caught up and we realized that we could truly help everyone find their best option over the phone, we started the service with a creed to treat everyone we help like family.

Our two-fold mission:

  • 1) Make the entire Medicare process easy to understand for our clients.
  • 2) Provide access to the best choices possible in terms of Coverage, Insurance Companies and Lowest Rates!